FIx Our Roads Initiative

Fix Our Road Alabama is a grassroots initiative that is managed and operated by the Alliance for Alabama's Infrastructure (AAI), a statewide advocacy coalition focused on fixing Alabama's infrastructure crisis by encouraging and supporting responsible investments in Alabama's transportation infrastructure.


This Initiative is designed to allow citizens across the state to report roads and bridges that are in need of repair and share the information directly with lawmakers who are responsible for improving Alabama's transportation infrastructure. This page as well as our social media accounts provide users with the opportunity to share photos, video, and first person narratives about roads, bridges, highways, and portions of interstates that have fallen into disrepair.


All of the information will be compiled and forwarded to Alabama state senators, state representatives, the Governor’s Office, and transportation officials who are tasked with maintaining Alabama’s roadways. If a pothole results in a flat tire or damage to your car, submit a photo of the damage and let us know where it occurred. If a road in disrepair backs up traffic or causes an accident you witness, use your smartphone to make a video and narrate what happened.


Be innovative and think outside-the-box so we can grab the attention of public officials. The AAI strongly urges citizens who utilize our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well as our submission form on AAI's website to be safe while generating content and follow all necessary safety guidelines.


For more information regarding the Fix Our Roads Initiative, sign up to receive emails, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!


Together, we can and will make a huge impact on Alabama's roads and bridges.


Contact Info

Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure

2 North Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104


[email protected]




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